Guys I need help with my Sata drive. I was trying to install winxp using my 160GB Sata drive but it won't recognize it. I already checked the bios and it's there. I already set it as the primary drive, I even tried unplugging my IDE hard drive to check if the installer would recognize the sata drive but it's not doing it. I don't have a floppy drive. I tried doing F6 during the installer startup but it's not detecting the driver located in the dvd drive. PLease help.
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  1. Without a floppy, you will need to slipstream the installation CD using your original xp cd and the RAID driver for your board. I use a free program called nLite to slipstream service packs, RAID driver, and customize other xp features. It has easy-to-follow steps for slipstreaming.
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