How to set i7 memory over 1600mhz

hi guys,
Im new on the overclocking stuff, but I am planning to make a 4.0ghz overlock on my i7 920.I have been reading a lot and decided that I needed a better memory kit (the one I got here is a oczgoldedition 1333mhz) and so I am buying soon a new corsair dominator or gskill 1600,1866 or 2000mhz(wich you recommend btw?) and then I will overclock.
The problem is, as I`ve been reading, the max ram speed supported by x58 mobo are 1600mhz, and to set ram over this something is needed right? Thats the part I didnt understood quite good.How do I do that ???
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  1. There's an article on tom's that concludes that DDR3 above 1600 MHz provides diminishing returns. 1600 is the sweet spot, it seems. Maybe until latency on higher clocked memory improves. And what overclock settings are you going to apply?

    If you go to 4.0 GHz, you'll end up with a base clock of 200 MHz. Then you set your memory multiplier to 8 (8 x 200 = 1600), set the RAM timings as per manufacturer spec, up the uncore voltage to no more than about 1.3 V (try lower voltage first, though) and DRAM voltage to no more than 1.65 volts.
  2. I am thinking about exatly 4.0 ghz !
    So 1600 is the number?
    I was thinkin about getting a top dominator or Gskill...wich u recomend?
    and about timings?
  3. I've got some OCZ platinums right now. At 1.65 volts and 1600 MHz, the timings are 7-7-7-24, which are the best I've seen. The only problem is that my motherboard supports 1.62 volts and 1.66 volts, and I was really leary about exceeding the maximum recommended voltage. If your motherboard can support 1.64, you might be able to run them stably at those timings.

    Right now I run them with 8-8-8-24 and they're great.
  4. is Timing: 7-7-7-20 better than 7-7-7-24?
  5. With timing, lower numbers are always better for a given RAM frequency.
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