okay so i got my asus p5k premium mobo and my 8800gt and when i hook it up it wont show anything on my screek yes its on the 8800gt is stuck at 100% fan and it wont do anything i have tried both pcie ports i have a tx750 watt psu someone help please! there is no beeping nothing it just wont showanything on the screen i can hear the hdd booting into windows and it makes the noise of logging into windows but no picture on the screen i have tried all my pcie power connecters i need help!! my 8800gt is from a dell xps its a stock the same exact one you would see on the nvidia website
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  1. Did you turn on your monitor? lol, joking.

    It could be a defective DVI connector on the 8800GT, since your PC boots (or you think it does) and doesn't halt on anything.

    Just RMA it and don't stress yourself :P

  2. its not the DVI cord cause it works on my other machine though so does the card
  3. Ok, so your 8800GT works fine on your other rig, but on the P5K it doesn't "turn on"?

    There's no message saying "i don't have enough power! FEED MEEEE!"? What's the amperage on your 12V that goes to the card? Do you use a shared 12V rail? That is: use an adaptor from a HDD power thingy to your video card.

    Other than that, i'm running out of ideas xP

  4. it has 60a on the 12 volt rail not shared
  5. i have a Corsair TX750 PSU check the specs on google this thing can run a 4870x2 no problem if it can run that im pretty sure that it can run a single 8800gt stock also its from dell and when i start it up the stupid fan is stuck a 100%
  6. Since it doesn't have separate rails amperage per rail (wich is very strange), it could be a power thingy, but there's no way to make sure... What if you get the other rig's PSU in that one just for test purposes?

    Hopefully some one else can add something that comes to his/her mind :P

  7. i dont know dude all i know that it can run the 4870x2 and thats why i got it so if you could help me caues i need a computer to use while im waiting for my 4870x2 to get to my house im getting annoyed just check the specs on my psu on google you can see that it will be able to run 8800gt easly
  8. I'm telling you to test that, cause it could be your PSU that is faulty.

    Motherboards start beeping like crazy when they have an issue with almost anything, but since it doesn't, it ain't the CPU/RAM/Video.

  9. Quote:

    single rail psu's made by seasonic(i believe corsairs are made by them) are about the best there is. a single rail is better than a multiple rails as they do not "run out" of amps.

    i know most psu use the easier multiple rails method but it is not the only way of making a psu

    as to the OP, i have no idea, if the monitor and cable are o.k and both ports work o.k i ain't sure, your new mobo doesn't have any onboard gfx does it that might need disabled?

    Oh, i didn't know they would actually do that...

    Isn't it kinda dangerous? I mean, according to his spec, almost 720W are going through a single set of cables, wich means, if it overheats it can melt or if it exposes metal and you touch that (or even terminals), almost 60A will go through your body since you'll make a bridge and get max output in a single flash. That's almost instant death =/

    Might be efficient, but I find it kinda dangerous...

    Now, i'm being a little paranoid here, but well, u gotta know what's dangerous around yourself :P


    EDIT: Spelling
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