Dell ORY007 = Intel ?

Does anyone know how I can tell what Intel mobo # deignation equates to a Dell ORY007, which apparently Intel manufactured for Dell. I'm just trying to verify if I can swap out the E2160 Conroe of the refurb. 530s, for an E8400, or anything faster than the 2160, for audio/music applications, until I can afford a purpose built DAW. Dell of course gave me their disclaimer.


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  1. you can use CPU-Z to check what chipset the motherboard has

    then use that information to check to see if the chipset supports wolfdale (e8400)

    you may need a bios update for the board as well
  2. thanks. I used CPUID and it gave the following info:

    Intel Pentium E2160 Conroe Scoket 776 LGA,

    "Technology" 65nm. Core Voltage 1.168V


    Motherboard Manufacturer: Dell Inc. Model ORY007

    Chipset Intel P35/G33/G31 Rev. A2

    Southbridge Intel 82801IR (ICH9R)

    LPCIO: ITE IT8718


    Brand: Dell Inc.
    Version: 1.0.10
    Date: 12/15/2007

    So it looked like G33 chipset, however it showed Dell as the mobo manuf. not Intel, which Dell did verify as the manuf. So, I just wanted to dbl. check via the actual Intel mobo #, before I laid out the $. I will see what CPU-Z comes up with.

    Thanks again,

  3. Oh, it's the same program :)
  4. you may run into some problems swapping out that motherboard. dell likes to use some proprietary stuff on their motherboards. one, it may be BTX, not sure if they still do that. also, they have a tendency to use proprietary connectors for things like the front panel switches and connectors. look into that before swapping out.
  5. it looks like you have a p35/g33/g31 family chipset

    p35 i know for sure supports e8400, i have an asus p5k-e with a p35 chipset that supports the e8400, it was detected without even a bios update

    do you have onboard video?? if you do, then you have a g33/g31 chipset
    if not it is p35

    you may just need a bios update for the board, you should be able to find that at dell's website for your particular model, dimension 530 or whatever it is

    the mobo is some intel board, the bios is just branded as dell and is dell specific

    is this your machine?

    530s, the slim one?
  6. if it is that slim one, there is a bios on the dell website that is dated july 17, 2008
    and one of the changes is "Support new Intel CPU"
    you may even have this BIOS already, so i would check your bios' version before updating it to make sure

    just make sure that there is enough space to house the heatsink/fan
    open up the computer and see what kind of heatsink/fan is on it now, it may be some proprietary dell one that is meant to fit in the slim case

    in that case you will have to use the one that is already there, which shouldnt be an issue since the e8400 is 45nm and should run cooler than whatever you have in there now

    the heatsink that comes stock with the e8400 is smaller than the stock heatsink that comes with 65nm cpus so if you do have to switch to the heatsink/fan that comes with the e8400, it shouldnt be an issue if your the slim case, barring any strange layouts of components inside the case of course

    oh and one last thing, you may want to check the power supply in that slim case, they arent usually that powerful, if you are around 300-350 watt u should be fine since i believe the e8400 @ 3ghz will draw a bit more than the 1.8ghz 2160 u have in there now, the e8400 is clocked higher and has 6Mb cache vs the 1mb or whatever it is in the 2160

    also you wrote socket 776, it should be 775, just makin sure it's a typo
  7. oh and i wouldnt believe a word dell tech support says, you only need a pulse to get hired as tech support there

  8. Quote:

    oh and i wouldnt believe a word dell tech support says, you only need a pulse to get hired as tech support there

    haha. true except for i of 3 people I talked to. he/she seemed pretty knowledgeable. I don't know the gender as they are all from India, at least one said so, and the names bore that out.

    Yes it's the slim one, but it doesn't have the current Foxconn Mobo, they said it was made by Intel, which is probably true, as I see no Foxconn Logo anywhere on it.

    Someone suggested CPUID which I DL'd and ran and it said I have:

    Chipset Intel
    P35/G33/G31 Rev. A2

    Southbridge Intel 82801IR (ICH9R)

    LPCIO: ITE IT8718


    Brand: Dell Inc.
    Version: 1.0.10
    Date: 12/15/2007

    as I posted above. So since it was a refurb. that I bought in March of 2008, I can believe it is not the same mobo as the current Foxconn - damn.

    Thanks very much for your helpful info and interest. If I could just find out if Intel had a particular mobo designation that corresponded to the one that comes up as a Dell number with CPUID, then I think I'd have definitive answers. But Dell may have required specific changes. It' very frustrating to say the least, to be without a job right now.

  9. doesnt really matter if it is a foxconn or intel, they both should be able to run the e8400 as the p35/g33/g31 chipsets support the 45nm cpus

    CPUZ and CPUID are the same thing hehe

    looks like your BIOS is version 1.0.10, the latest version on dell's website is 1.0.15, you will need that bios most likely to run the e8400, i would update the bios and then you should be fine with the e8400

    dell doesnt change the motherboard drastically , they just rebrand the bios to their specific needs, so they add things like your service tag and what not to the bios and they add a marker for their OEM copies of windows that comes with the machine, when you install a dell branded OEM windows onto a dell machine, it wont ask for activation or even a key for the most part since the bios and dell oem windows installer is set to skip it if it detects the dell bios, if you were to use that same dell oem copy of windows on a non dell machine, it would ask you for activation and a key just like regular windows, this allows tech support to reinstall a customer's OS with little hassle since their tech support isnt really tech support, it is hardware support

    i know this because i worked dell tech support lol :)
  10. Thanks very much kamkal, (and NiK_I), for the very helpful advice!

    What I have done since, is go to Dell's site, go to upgrades, and then type in the Service Tag from my machine. This apparently lets me know what is recommended or supported for my particular earlier incarnation of the 530s. The fastest processor they list for this machine is the E6700, which looks like it's give a little better performance, ie, slightly faster FSB. It might be all I need to get me by for the next few months, until my financial situation changes. Then I'll either build my own, or by a custom-built from one of the music DAW builders.

    OR: now with the new BIOS update info from you, kamkal, I most likely will go that route, update the BIOS, and slap in a E6800. THat would def. let me get by for even more that a few months.

    Live and learn! Never again will I buy an off-the-shelf computer again. This is just absurd!

    Many thanks again!, (from a computer user since 1987 who never bothered to get into the nuts and bolts, but I amtrying to do so now.),


  11. hehe no prob

    yea the dells and HPs and what not have their purpose but upgrade options are always limited, if u want to do anything other than just surf the web and check email, you have to custom build to get best bang for buck

    yea i hear ya about the finances, money is tightttt nowadays, looking for a new job myself
  12. @OP: Since you already have a E2160 have you considered doing a BSEL mod (+ volt mod if not stable)?
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