Slave drive crash?

I had been running Civilization 2 of all things from a slaved hard drive. I have played it several times in the past and it worked fine for the most part but it would sometimes freeze. Anyway after one of the times that if froze and I restarted my computer would not start up with the slave drive connected, however it seems to work fine with it disconnected. So I was just wondering if anyone knows what possibly happened and if I could fix it somehow.

I am running Vista and when I turn on the computer with the drive attached it completes the first little green windows loading bar and then go black and that's about it.
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    Try the drive in another computer, if it fails there, trash it. The bios is probably having problems detecting what the drive is. It can tell something is there, but can't read it. It keeps trying and trying, locking up the computer.
  2. Thanks I could try that, I just took it out. Though I tried plugging it into another SATA port and that didn't work I don't know if that would be the equivalent of plugging it into another computer.
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