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I am building another machine and want to swap video cards. The newer machine is just for certain things and I want to take the video card I have from my other machine I built in Dec. and put it in my newer machine because my older machine is for more heavy duty things. It is a 7900 GS PCIe and the new board will have PCIe 2.0. Will that work in this board? If so, what would be a good card to use for my board now that is the old standard PCIe under $125? Will the new 2.0 standard work in my board or is it best to look for a card that is of the old standard 1.1? The new card will be running a 24" 1900x1200 monitor.
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  1. PCIe 2.0 is backwards compatible. It will work.
    How much do you want to spend on the new video card?
  2. Will you be doing gaming with the new video card?
    The new PCIe 2.0 cards will work in PCIe 1.1 boards and vice versa.
  3. You can use the old card on the new 2.0 interface, but I recommend a new card. There are plenty of 2.0 cards for under or at $125 USD and they are backwards compatible. It will just run at 1.1 speeds.

  4. I don't need anything else on the new computer as it will just be an office computer using quickbooks, excel, email etc.\

    On the old board would I even need 2.0 or just maybe get 2.0 for later if I switch boards in a year or so?
  5. I would go with a 9800gtx lots of speed for cheap
  6. No gaming on any boards really. The old is video editing mainly. Actually, what would be an upgrade that would even be worth it to upgrade to. Is the 9600 line much of an upgrade to the 7900GS?
  7. How important are the stream processors?
    The visiontek 4850 has 800 where many of the GTX and + have only 112.
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