RAID and non RAID drives in the same comptuer, can't get it to boot :(

Good day all,

I just picked up two WD drives that i wanted to set up in RAID 1 for storage, to my computer that curently has Win 7 on a hd non RAID. Its not working :pfff: is this possible or did i just dump alot of $$ on two HDs that i cant turn in to a RAID. It will not boot when i have it set to RAID in the BIOS, but if i change it to IED i cant see my RAID hard drives when win boots up in my computer.....

OS: Win 7
Mother board: Asus P6T Deluxe V2
Hard drives: 2 x WD 2TB drive

Thanks for the Help.
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  1. Page 3-14 of your manual (select the OS on the Download tab) shows where to enable SATA as RAID.
    Page 4-45 describes the steps you will have to do to set up a new RAID volume.
  2. aye Tree frog07 re did it following the manual, but same problem it will not boot if i enable RAID in my Bios, and if change my bios back to normal it will booot but i am not able to see my RAID drives...

    what am i missing i know its some thing small and its going to make me bang my head off my desk lol
  3. OK, after you created the RAID volume, did you save and exit BIOS, re-enter BIOS, and select the single Win7 HDD as the 1st boot drive?
    Never mind, I just re-read your original post.

    Have you installed the Intel Matrix Storage Console (second download on the left-side of the page) to your Win7 installation?
    If not, do it.
    Then see if you can set up a RAID volume inside Win7 with the Console.
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