Looking for Supermicro X8DAH+ compatible heatsink

Specs: x5590 XEON 3.33Ghz
Case : CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000
Mobo : Supermicro X8DAH+
ram : 12Gb ECC Registered PC10600 1333Mhz triple channel
GFX : Nvidia CX 1.5Gb
PSU : Cooler Master Sillent pro 1000w
HDD: 64gb intel X25-E

Looking for a cpu heatsink! Any recomendations that fit this board?

The coolers that need bolt-thru mount kits don't seem to be an option.

I purchased the cooler master V8 and it won't work for me. I rather not potentially damage the board.
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  1. How does the cooler master V8 not work? It won't fit? It bumps another component?
  2. r_manic said:
    How does the cooler master V8 not work? It won't fit? It bumps another component?

    It comes with it own heatsink backplate already installed and the screws supplied for the Coolermaster V8 are too big for the mobo supplied four holes. I could possibly remove the supplied backplate but I'm not sure and don't want to void warranties. The Coolermaster v8 is mounted via a bolt-thru kit so I researched more and it seems there are bolt-thru mounted heatsinks and some other heatsinks which are normally smaller that don't need BOLT-THRU mounting methods.

    I would like to use the coolermater V8 because it suppose to be one of the better heatsinks from what i read.
  3. This is a description to the problem I think and I'm going to try their suggested solution.

  4. Get skinnier screws?
  5. I just needed to use M3 screws provided by the Coolermaster 1000 case to fasten the coolermaster V8 heatsink on the X8DAH+ motherboard. I don't recommend the Coolermaster V8 in the Coolermaster 1000 case with Supoermicro X8DAH+ mobo. Too uncomfortable to install.
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