Plextor PX-740A not reading DVD's

I have a Plextor PX-740A giving me trouble. I am able to read CD's, but unable to read dvd's. I should also say that I recently had to replace my mother board. When I started up my new motherboard, windows xp SP3 did take a while to get up to par with all of the device changes from a new motherboard. I've been having problems with my CD/dvd drives since. I have deleted the upper and lower filters from the registry, updated the firmware for both of my drives (Sony DRU-810A is my other drive). I now have my sony drive rockin and rollin, but I can't get my Plextor to read DVD's. I ran the CD diagnostic program in ITunes and this was the results for the Plextor drive.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (Build 2600)
QuickTime 7.6.5
FairPlay 1.5.23
Apple Application Support 1.1.0
iPod Updater Library 9.0d11
CD Driver
CD Driver DLL
Apple Mobile Device
Apple Mobile Device Driver
Bonjour (118.5)

iTunes Serial Number FF527504B84D54B1

Current user is an administrator.
The current local date and time is 2010-01-12 21:47:18.
iTunes is not running in safe mode.

Video Display Information

NVIDIA GeForce 6600 VE
Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset
Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset

**** External Plug-ins Information ****

No external plug-ins installed.

iPodService is currently running.
iTunesHelper is currently running.
Apple Mobile Device service is currently running.

**** CD/DVD Drive Tests ****

LowerFilters: AnyDVD (,
UpperFilters: GEARAspiWDM (,

F: PLEXTOR DVDR PX-740A, Rev 1.02
Audio CD in drive.
Found 11 songs on CD, playing time 50:05 on Audio CD.
Track 1, start time 00:02:00
Track 2, start time 03:51:45
Track 3, start time 06:27:62
Track 4, start time 14:53:50
Track 5, start time 19:22:42
Track 6, start time 23:20:60
Track 7, start time 28:15:30
Track 8, start time 32:32:52
Track 9, start time 38:02:70
Track 10, start time 42:30:12
Track 11, start time 47:03:02
Audio CD reading succeeded.
Get drive speed succeeded.
The drive CDR speeds are: 12 16 24 32 40 48.
The drive CDRW speeds are: 12 16 24 32.
The drive DVDR speeds are: 12 16 24 32 40.
The drive DVDRW speeds are: 12 16 24 32 40.

The last failed audio CD burn had error code 4450(0x00001162). It happened on drive F: PLEXTOR DVDR PX-740A on CDR media at speed 12X.

Any suggestions on what I should do next?
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  1. I assume you removed the AnyDVD and GEARAspi filters?
    Run an advanced diagnostic utility such as Opti Drive Control. Insert different DVDs (pressed/burned) and run the transfer rate test (benchmark).
    If the discs are not detected then your DVD laser may have died. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do about that.
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