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The "Program Files/Dell" folder opens everytime I start Windows. I have Windows XP Media Ctr. I see a few items in the MSCONFIG, startup tab that say "Program Files/Dell/..... " but I can't figure out what they're for. This pc has had trojans which it appears I have sucesssfully removed. Can anyone hel me figure out how I can get this folder to stop opening everytime I start Windows?

Thanks very much
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    When you cut off the "Program Files/Dell/..... " part, you also cut off any help you might get with this.

    Don't be so lazy, type it out all the way so we can read it.
  2. tigsound, didn't realize i was being lazy as that was the path, period. i will double check tomorrow to see if there are any files beyond that, but i don't think so. will repost tomorrow. goodnight.
  3. funny, i thought i had already responded to this thread and voted best answer and the thread was closed. now i look in my threads and see this. oh well.

    this folder that kept opening had nothing else in it. i ended up accessing the hidden partition and restored the pc to factory condition. thanks very much for replying to my post.
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