Unstable E6750 FSB

Whenever I set my FSB to 400 (8x400=3200) It doesn't seem to be stable. When I go on cpu-z the fsb keeps changing from 401 to 402. But when I set it to 399 (8x399= 3192) the FSB just stays at 399.0 and barely moves to 399.1. I can't get my DRAM frequency to 800, it always shows the options as 799 or 801. Is there something wrong? Can I get it right on 400? Motherboard: ASUS P5K CPU: Intel e6750 RAM: Hynix DDR2-800 PSU: 550W Powerstation
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  2. 1. I'm sorry it was an accident.

    2. Tried that, nothing came up with a inconstant fsb just voltages or games.
    I'm not asking for a how to overclocking help, I'm asking for what is this overclocking help.
  3. chrischoi94 said:
    When I go on cpu-z the fsb keeps changing from 401 to 402.
    Nothing unusual here. It's quite normal FSB values to toggle up and down, so I wouldn't be concerned. The important question is whether your rig is stable under Prime95 Small FFT's and Blend.
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