A Serious readeon 3850 problem !

I don’t know If anyone is experiencing this problem like me or not cause I see no much take about it in the forums. So I’d like to speak about it and hope that you can help me with anything. :(

I assembled my PC with the specs shown at the bottom of the article at the end of last month. I had a problem that stayed with me since the first time run the computer.

The problem is as follows:

When I power the PC, everything goes well till right before when I enter the windows. The screen goes black and restarts after few seconds. Sometimes it even restarts without waiting for no reason. The system then goes into an almost infinite state of reboot. When I switch the power and start again sometimes it repeats the loop and sometimes it just loads the windows successfully.

When the windows starts there are two possible scenarios:

The first scenario:
Everything looks good in the desktop and also the games like bioshock and crysis work with no problem.

The second scenario:

Everything looks fine in the desktop. However the weirdest thing happens. When I open the games that used to work with no problems like command and conquer 3: kane’s wrath or devil may cry 4, I experience some color corruptions in the screen. The more weird is that when I go to check the CCC to check the temperature out at the desktop, I don’t see the ATI overdrive tap below the VPU recovery tab. This happens in parallel with the corruption with the games. It became a habit now to check this tab before I start games to check If there is gonna be color corruptions.

Things that I should mention:

whether there is a corruption or not, Devil may cry 4 hangs during gameplay and the screen goes black again like the black screen that shows up at the start up while still hearing some sounds from the game. But I know that the game hanged cause when I alt + tab or alt + Esc the sounds from the game still on indicating that I am not sent to the desktop. I have to restart the PC to solve this problem and again I often experience the restart loops. I have to say, no other game hanged like this with me and I haven’t try any heavy games thinking that it may be the temperature

When I play Crysis the pc temp goes from 80 degrees Celsius in idle state to 91 degrees Celsius.

I think the problem is in the winxp or in the ATI drivers. But If there is any suggestions to overcome this that would be great. Thanks in advance.


Core 2 due 3.00 GHz 6 MB cache
Gigabyte Radeon HD 4850 512 MB
Motherboard: Gigabyte S-Series GA-EP45T-DS3R
PSU: ACE Power 580W
OS: Windows XP service pack 3
Catalyst Driver Version 8.8
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  1. Forgive my 2 nice typos at the thread title. No way to edit
  2. I'm experiencing the same black screen/sound problem - got a blue screen dump and XP says its a ATI driver caught in a loop - un-installed catalyst and re-installed - no luck. well time for more research i guess.
  3. That was old time ago. I solved the problem by updating the motherboard Bios. Hope this works for you too. Good luck
  4. I was just about to post this too...
    got a hotfix for the 3850 from the AMD/ATI support site - problem solved!

    thx for your reply tho.
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