Network adapter gone after MS Updates

Ever since I've installed Wednesday's security updates for XP and did a restart, my internet connection is dead (my network adapter was gone in "Network Connections").
Whenever I do "Add New Hardware" and try to repair it, it tells me XP can't repair the connection because renewing the ip adddress fails.
And when I try "ipconfig /renew" in a Dos box, it says it's unable to contact my DHCP server.

I've already done a System Restore to before the updates, but the problem remains.
I saw XP's firewall was enabled so I disabled that, but still nothing.
Uninstalling/reinstalling the driver, disabling/enabling the adapter : nothing. :(

I also gave my connection a static ip address, after which the repair was successful ... but I still had no connection?!
And my network icon mentions "Status: Connected".

My system : an A64 3200+, 2Gb Ram, 3 Western Digital HD's, Win XP SP3, MSI Neo Fis2R motherboard, onboard RealTek network adapter.

Is there anything else I can do except reinstall XP?

I haven't tried WinSock yet and will give that a go.
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  1. [edit 2]

    WinSock didn't change anything.
  2. Got it! All I had to do was turn my modem off and back on. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ... :wahoo:

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