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I currently have two 320 GB SATA drives in a RAID0 array. It worked fine for about 2 years, but I get clicking noises when the WHS backup program tries to do its thing at night, and the SMART program comments that the drive on SATA 0.0 is likely to fail soon.

Although I like the speed boost I'm not a huge gamer anyway (less than I used to be), and I want to migrate to a single Seagate Barracuda 1TB. Can I just use Acronis to make an image and put the image on the new single HD, or is it more complicated than that? The WHS backup is now about 30 days old, which wouldn't be a tragedy but I'd rather do a newer image.
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  1. You can either copy your data to another drive on another computer, install the new drive and reinstall WHS and then copy data back or try the image route.
    If you want to safeguard the data I would get 2 1TB drives and run a mirror raid.
  2. Yes, you are correct. It is simple as using an imaging for back program, buuuut make sure the software that you use supports your operating system. You will run into this problem especially with Windows 7 which has a small boot partition. I could not use seagate's free software when I was doing this. Of course I was only trying to copy a single partition of a much larger drive to a smaller disk. The partition that I was copying from was smaller than the destination drive, but I could not copy both that partition and the boot partition at the same time.
  3. I'm using Vista Ultimate, and for software I'm using Acronis (the bootdisk version). I'm increasingly coming to think, though, that I should use the uncorrupted WHS backup from a month ago - the hard drive was making clicking noises and Acronis was giving errors that it couldn't read sectors.
  4. ubertrout said:
    Can I just use Acronis to make an image and put the image on the new single HD, or is it more complicated than that?
    Yes, you can use Acronis to make an image of the RAID0 and then put that image on the new drive. No, it is not more complicated than that.

    Also, unless you are currently experiencing issues with the RAID0 array, there is no reason to use the older back up from WHS, as long as the RAID0 array is working you can use Acronis to make an up to date image for the new drive.
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