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I having this on again/ off again problem with the Tune Up Utilities icon disappearing in the notification area of the sys tray. Previous fixes included removing the program and all traces with Revo Uninstaller and reinstalling the TUU 2011. Now this doesn't even work. After contacting TUU Support, they have sent some attachments via Yahoo email that are supposed to fix the problem. For whatever reason, I am not getting these attachments. TUU Support now tells me that something is wrong with my OS, not TUU 2011. I highly doubt it! I have done the whole rt. click notification area>properties>customize>never hide deal, all to no avail. The reason I use that icon a lot is because it engages the 'turbo' mode quickly, shutting off background programs and unnecessary processes that impede my online gaming performance. It is my understanding that this is a notorious problem within XP, and it has happened from time to time with my avast! AV. It is my hope that one of you has an answer and a fix for this problem as it is bothering the hell out of me. :fou:
Thanks in advance for any info and/or help.
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    well, actually, i think you should start over with a fresh install...
    avoid loading free programs, and multiple security fixes into your computer, and programs that "fix" or "speed up" or "assist" or "tune up" your computer.
    Just run the operating system with one, all in one security solution..don't run multiple security programs. Suggest you use Norton or Panda.
    the more of these you load, the more squirrely it becomes.
  2. hmmm, soundguruman, the only active security solution I run is avast!. I do have Malwarebytes installed, but it isn't active. Tune Up Utilities is a good utility program and doesn't conflict with my XP Pro in function. My problem is strictly with the notification area of the system tray. Google for solutions and there are a plethora of complaints on this matter, but few fixes. Apparently XP is notorious for 'losing'icons there. All was well within my system until I restarted the pc, for what reason I don't recall, this morning. Upon reboot, the TUU 2011 icon was gone along with the dbl. arrow that masks hidden icons. Since I posted this thread, I have done a system restore to no avail. Also, I am well aware of system instability when running more than one security solution- A while back, I was running the avast! in conjunction with STOPzilla and kept getting a bunch of false/positives with the STOPzilla. So, it had to go bye-bye.
    I appreciate your input, and if you have a viable solution to the icon issue, I am all ears. Thank you!
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  4. Recently i have been with the same problem and now i have found the solution. And to explain it further, there is something wrong with the tuneup service and all you have to do is goto Run>type services.msc enter> then find the service named "Tuneup Utilities Service" what you gonna do is just stop->start again that service and poof! the icon is back again. :D
  5. I have given up on TUU after using them for 3 yrs.. I have found a much, much better utility that has more features and a far better turbo boost.
    It took me a while to figure out that you could stop the utility in services.msc and restart and the icon would reappear. TUU really wreaks havoc on the Registry!
    Don't like it!
    Thanks for the reply, though.

    PS- TUU's support sucks, too!
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