[Video card] Thinking about switch 9800GT OC to 4850

My good old 8800GTS 320OC died for unknown reason, no volt mod, no exteme OC (just stock OC).

So i bought a 9800GT OC


a little faster and cheap, stands good for a 17' LCD.

It has a aftermarket cooler, 48C @ idle, 58C @load and its REALLY QUIET.

But i just saw a stock reference Powercolor HD 4850 for extra 10$.

It's faster than 9800GT, but i don't want to loose the silence i have atm, and don't want to spend extra 30$ for a aftermarket cooler for ATI card.

I have 7 days to bring back my NV card and change my mind.

Any advice is welcome.
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  1. HD 4850 is better than 9800GT no doubt about it however,9800GT is a very good card and handles everything well and the difference between these 2 cards isnt worth it to upgrade especially that u play @ 1280x1024 u will barely notice the difference.
  2. Agreed. You're only playing on a 17" monitor at that resolution, you should be plenty good. Yes, the 4850 is a better card, but you should be just fine.
  3. I'd leave it, I don't think the extra noise from the 4850 would be appreciated, and the performance gains are minimal (10% maybe?)
  4. for your resolution yes.
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