About $750 gaming rig ok quality for games ~ or - than COD4 low res ma

COD4 low res (1600x1200 or less ?) very high settings except maybe anti aliasing or w.e..

Build: https://secure.newegg.com/WishList/ [...] ID=9123626

Does all that work together? This would be my first CUSTOM SCRATCH COMPUTER but not the first upgrades to computers AT ALL.

The gfx card isn't meant to be like the ati redeon 4850-70 hd its just so it wouldn't need an upgrade for like 3 years? At least 2 for sure though.

I can't really find any cheaper PSU that is high-er quality for that price (and not that one with the deal ending today lol. Because its gonna be a while thinking about all of this.

Is the CPU an overkill or becuase this computer will be pretty customizable it will be good for a while and than just upgrade a few other things? The ram will probably be upgraded after a few months use.

Maybe that e7200? but its like 6GHZ where the core 2 quad is 10.2 and only around 40-70 dollars more!

I am pretty sure everything would work together but I am not FULLY sure that the PSU will work with everything. But than again its only 1 cd/dvd drive lol. Floppy is not used, 2 drives maybe added later because there is not much of a point for them now.

I am not sure if the moniter is compatible with the GFX card but its like an LCD or something display that is being held back by the CPU and the current video card. So the mouse speakers keyboard and monitor will be from the older computer.

THANKS for any help. (seems faster to make a custom comp than to upgrade one IDK y but its like 20 hours less researh :?:)
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  1. Your list won't display. Please just post a list of your parts - many won't even click on the links.
  2. list the parts you can't link https sites. You should note that adding the speed from the cores is just plain wrong. In come cases the e7200 will best the q6600. sounds like you picked the core2 quad, go with the e7200 and put the 70 into a better video card.
  3. skullfire987 said:
    Maybe that e7200? but its like 6GHZ where the core 2 quad is 10.2 and only around 40-70 dollars more!

    that's not how dual/quad core works. you don't just double or quadruple the clock speeds. a quad isn't necessarily faster than a dual. This is especially true in games.
  4. I am now looking into a diffrent motherboard and the e7200
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121219

    this is a very cheap card! It has fine reviews with somone saying they can play COD4 at high res with high settings! Just need to us drivers from site ez.

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130360 this is the other option but, The first one has more reviews and this one has less so maybe that is why it is rated with more 5 stars..

    is this better I mean this setup is about $630 after savings, rebates, tax and shipping:

    https://secure.newegg.com/WishList/MySavedWishDetail.aspx?ID=9123626 or does the mother board and all of it not work or fit... It seems like it would work and not overheat with that case but honestly i just don't know about the card... and if I were to spend more money to make it like $650-710 I would want the GPU to be either really good 512mb 256bit with over 600mhz extremely good and can outdo others or more than 512mb 256bit 650mhz...

    I can feel this computer is almost ready Ive done too much research and I am sure that if I changed a few things (PSU GPU or maybe ram) it would be perfect. (still not sure about the MOBO either! I really can't stress enough that this machine has to WORK and well together...)
  6. Upated it all with the max budget in mind (about 770/750 after all the rebates taxes etc...)\


    All compatible? and If need be more ram and drives such as HDD and cd/dvd upgrades would be available?

    All I need to know is if there is anything besides a wrist strap anti static that I need to buy more. Like any cables or if anything on here is where I need to change like the mobo becuase it doesn't support X.

    Thanks once again I suspect I have it this time!
  7. I wil just wait for somone to respond
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