PS Enough (2nd 8800GTS Wanted)

I have a Corsair HX620Watt Modular PS

Its a pretty hefty system but nothing too draining. If you need more details I will type them out.


I have a eVGA 8800 GTS G92 670Mhrz version Video Card and I would like to SLi it

1, would it be worth it?
2, would the PS handle that?

I usually game at 1600 but could bump it too 1900 later on. My 8800GTS is already a great site to see even though the new cards are out.

Let me know your thoughts. For $160 I am sure I can't go wrong. Sad, I paid $399 in Jan for my 1st one. Damn computers..

Thanks Guys
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  1. bumping up to 1900 would be worth it.

    your psu should be fine. but it would be pushing it.
  2. It can handle it just fine, no pushing , unless you have a dozen drives and intend to defrag them while gaming.
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