my new build >< quetions


this is my first build thanks to the help of my friends handin down some parts :]

However i had order me an atx case with a 600w.

I have been reading a lot lately about peoples problem with start up and so which made me cautious about this. The power supply has a 115/230VAC switchable 110V / 220V. I am guessing the original input every one uses is the 115.

so will any thing happen if it was on 110v ?

<my new first build >
-Biostar TF720 am2+ Ge force 8100
-Phenom 8450 triple :na:
-4g ddr2 667
-stock heat sink fan

lols yeahs those are some cheap budget parts but, hey they were handed down
and the mother board looks sweet. it is Hybrid sli. I've read the manuel a few times. lol I found that it has (O.N.E.) overclocking Navigator Engine and (M.O.S.) manual overclock system. Sounds pretty simple. And and has a software on desktop to overclock ? Hmmm. I am still learning about Oc'ing :love:

well that's it. I am still waiting for the case to arrive.
but any suggestions about how to install I will appreciate it
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  1. Switch it to whatever voltage your country uses. Doesn't have to be exact. 110 in 115 outlet is ok.

    Biostar T-Force series is made for overclocking. The bios may have memtest built-in. By default, bios boots disks up. It can be set to boot to memtest. If you need a pointer, post in o/c section.

    What's the make & model of the psu?
  2. k thanks. it is a "PowOrk" model PW 600.
  3. Not familiar with that make.

    Re: o/c: use bios to overclock the cpu & maybe the ram. It's not hard. Just take time. Post in o/c forum.
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