Problem Raid 5 after Bios Reset -> 2 of 5 disks marked as non-raid


Here's my problem.

I was running a vista64 machine build on a P5Q motherboard, with one HDD for the system and 5 other HDD on a Raid 5 config.

One day, after a electricity cut, my computer crashed. After that, I had no image on screen when booting up. I didn't know what to do so I brought it to a computer repair man who took care of it. The bios was reinitiated, and he told me I should be fine reconfiguring the bios... Which I did...

But now, the raid utility only recognizes 3 of my 5 disks as being Raid.

I'm stuck here... Really worried for my DATA. (I have about 3 To all my work on this Raid 5!)

Thanks for your help!!!

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  1. Nobody can help?
    The question is: How do I get my computer to see the disks of port 1 & 5 (see first image) to be seen as part of the raid? (as they were before)

  2. Ok so... I followed the instructions found there:

    I now have a "new" identical array of my 5 disks. I ran Testdisk and found my partition. Then I chose "write partition data" and restarted.

    My array is still shown during bootup in initialisation (as if it was all new) and the "matrix storage utility" starts initialising it, instead of finding my old partition... I'm worried that, when it does that, it is actually formating and creating a brand new partition, thus erasing my old one with all my data...

    Can anybody advice me?
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