How to hookup 2nd monitor to laptop 100+ feet away?

Sorry if I have placed this in the wrong section. I have to send real time scoring (via spreadsheet) to a monitor that could be anywhere from 75 to 150 feet away. This is for an outdoor sporting event and the information is for the MCs. I have read enough to be dangerous. It wireless or hardwire the way to go? Help!


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  1. what you should probably do is set up a small wifi network to link the computers, and then store the spreadsheet on a shared folder that can be accessed from both computers. if you can pass 150 feet of cat5 network cable, then be my guest. but wifi sounds like an easier solution to set up.
  2. I would definitely go with a cable, like these.
    $14 (yes it's an open box, but it is the only one I could find on the Egg in stock 100')
    This site has 200' cables for $80, or $100
  3. you can use wireless...

    that's what I have at my job and it works great.
  4. I would go Cat5 cable as wireless can be unpredictable at any distance and if its mission critical, you just want it to work.
  5. Check a program called MaxiVista:
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