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I have a Dell 5150 computer with dual hard drives. When I first purchased the computer Norton Ghost was installed on the computer which backed up all my data from the original hard drive to the secondary hard drive.

Main Drive 171 Gb
Secondary drive 57.8 Gb

I needed more storage capacity so I installed a 500 GB into the secondary slot, however the computer only reads the secondary as 57.8 GB.

How do you un-partition the secondary hard drive so, I can use the full capacity of the second hard drive?
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  1. Is it sata or Ide? If its AN Ide check the jumpers. ALso look in your bios and see what it says about your second drive.
  2. Did you clone the old drive over to the new one? If so thats why its only 57.8 GB.
    Go into disk management and see what it shows. It should show unpartitioned space on the drive. If so you can wipe the drive clean and make one big partition or how ever you want. Just make sure you have backups of the data before hand.
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