Q9550 on Striker II Extreme heating up, please help

Hello all!

I'm new here and wish that someone could give me some advice on my current problem.

First off, here's my setup:
Asus striker II extreme
OCZ vendetta 2 cpu cooler
OCZ ddr3 2gb 1600 MHz platinum
Asus 900 ultimate gamer case
2 x 9800gt
Vista home premium

The "problem" is the heating quad core. Ambient temp is 20'C, case air flow is good. I could also bet my left nut that the cooler is seated right.
None of the parts are oc'd (yet, because of this current issue).
There is no unstability at all and the CPU temp in bios is 31'C.
Asus probe II shows 27 celsius on idle.
BUT it is the core temperatures that I am worried about, here are the temperatures other programs give me:


SpeedFan 52, 41, 32, 52
Core Temp 58, 45, 42, 58
Real Temp 47, 47, 32, 35
nvidia system monitor 57, 45, 43, 58

LOAD (prime95)
SpeedFan 60, 53, 50, 60
Core Temp 65,58, 55, 65
Real Temp 55, 55, 45, 48
nvidia system monitor 64, 57, 54, 64

Core Temp sensor test also shows 0 for sensor movement for all cores (stuck?) but this should only mean that idle temps are not accurate, right?

Anyway, what should I do and how big is my problem?
All help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Those temps look normal to me.
  2. Thank you for your reply.
    It's just that I have no experience on overclocking or core temperatures since pentium4 and I've heard of people running non-oc'd 45nm cpu's around 50'c with stock coolers. And the vendetta 2 is supposed to be at least a bit better. Core temps of 65'C on full load won't leave me any room to OC if I have understood all the articles I've read. And this setup was especially bought for at least minor overclocking.

    Oh, and also the 10'C temp differences between the cores make me feel uneasy...
  3. Hmmmmm........
    Vendeta is not a very good cooler.
    Get Xigmatek HDT-S1283 to cool it down!
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