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Does anybody here understand the eternal mysteries of Acronis True Image - specifically, it's system of 'incremental' back-ups and so on? I've flirted with ATI over the years, as the idea of a 'fail safe' :) back-up system is obviously attractive - and sensible. However, every time I've used it I've found that the back-ups created by ATI get completely out of control and quickly threaten to consume all my hard drive space, and I end up uninstalling it. Very frustrating!

Anyway, three days ago I thought I would have another go. So I created a Acronis Secure Zone all on default settings, which came to 35.9 GB. I then did an incremental back-up of my 27.8 GB system partition (the C drive) on default settings, so it was compressed down to 15 GB. Naturally, I placed the back-up in the Secure Zone and scheduled it for a daily 'incremental' back-up at 9.00 am (and I also activated Acronis Start-up Recovery Manager, the 'F11 option', and a made a Bootable disc).

Thus, the next day - as instructed - Acronis made a back-up at 9.00 am. So far, so good. However, I noticed that the 'incremental' back-up made by Acronis was a massive 6.08 GB, which I find somewhat inexplicable since I hadn't installed anything else on my C drive during those 24 hours. How come the back-up was so big? I also noticed that Acronis was telling me in red letters (already!) that there was "not enough free space" in the Secure Zone - even though it had told me that the back-up had being "successful". And then the next morning the 'incremental' back-up was another 4.97 GB, bringing into a total of 26.08 GB - meaning that within 48 hours the size of the back-up made by Acronis was almost as big as the original target drive (ie, 27. GB). At this rate, of about 5 GB a day, my 'incremental' back-ups will amount to some 165 GB or more! :o

Does anybody know why this is happening? Is there some mysterious setting, or option, that I've managed to overlook - despite going over it on near countless occasions? Obviously, I know there are 'differential' back-ups - but they are supposed to take up more more room than Incremental back-ups, so I don't find that a particularly alluring idea.

Any help or advice would be most appreciated,

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  1. Go through the Tools and Utilities until you find the option to Backup to a Schedule" as opposed to "Non-Stop backup".
  2. Hi Saga,

    I don't have Non-Stop backup - as I guessed that would not be a good idea!

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