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Ok, so I'm in China. I have a wired ethernet connection in my apartment (apartment has an ethernet jack), and I use a dial up connection PPoE to get it to work. I'm trying to get wireless with it though, and it befuddles me. I use a D-link ADSL wireless router. But obviously, I'm not using a phone line. Also, I need to use a static IP address. The real issue here is that in the setup for the router, it gives me 4 options. PPoE, Dynamic IP, Static IP, and Bridge. If select PPoE, I can't input the static IP adress. If I select static IP, I don't have the option for inputing my dial up name/password.

This of course assumes that the router will realize it can't dial up from the phone jack and will use the ethernet jack instead.

Is there a specific kind of router I should look for? Thanks
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  1. Ok, my bro informed me the router should recognize that the ethernet connection is used to connect to the ISP. But there is more to it, and it's not immediately clear yet.

    There is an option for using PPTP. Should I use that?
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