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Hi everyone,

This is my first post, and I'm absolutely desperate! The story goes like this. My 9800GX2 seemed to be underperforming, so after reading around I suspected this might be because of a CPU bottleneck. Originally, it was clocking about 2-2.5Ghz depending on the multiplier, which would vary from 6-7.5 according to load. Windows resource monitor showed that my computer was using about 89% of CPU max frequency at idle, and almost 100% at max. This seemed to confirm my suspicions that it was the limiting factor.

So I decided to flash my bios to the latest AMIBIOS 1.3 that MSI Liveupdate suggested (I'd read that some older versions had problems with the Q9300). Big mistake. Now, the multiplier is stuck at 7.0 regardless of load, even during a P95 torture test. I've OC-ed it to 400mhz and the card clocks about 2.8ghz, but when I run resource monitor it shows that the 100% of CPU frequency is being used, even whilst idling!

So I have two questions. First, is it likely that it was my CPU throttling my 9800GX2? and second, how on earth do I change the multiplier? I'm using an MS-7395 motherboard and I've tried changing it in AMIBIOS, but it doesnt respond to any input. EIST is disabled, windows power configuration is set to high performance.


Thanks very much!
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  1. You probably have virus, malware or corrupted system if You get 100% usage in idle. normally You get 0-3% usage in idle even with throttled cpu
  2. Definitely what ainarssems said. Stop downloading porn and reading spam!

    But seriously, you can always offload your 9800 GX2 to me if it's a BFG Tech. Send me an offer.
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