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overclock my e2180 or get a new processor

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October 22, 2009 2:08:06 AM

Ok, so a couple games are coming out that I want and the recommended specs require a 3Ghz dual core. I'm wondering if I should overclock my e2180 (stock 2Ghz) to 3Ghz or if I should go get a e5300 (stock 2.6 Ghz) and do a milder overclock.

Currently my e2180 is using stock cooling and I've successfully gotten up to 3Ghz (300x10) but it got a little hot (65C after 15 minutes of prime95 full CPU). So should I spend the 40 bucks and get a thermaltake blue orb ii or a zalman cnps 8700 nt. Or should I spend 70 and get an e5300 and overclock up to 3Ghz off the stock cooler... would that extra 1mb L2 cache give me that much of a difference?

any input would be greatly appreciated

Oh, and I was thinking that I should stay with a "flower" style HSF due to the reports that the northbridge runs really hot on my MOBO and the "flower" style will blow air directly across it to keep it cooler.


PC Specs

CPU: e2180 2.0Ghz (using stock cooling)
MOBO: GA G31m-es2L
RAM:2x OCZ 2gig DDR2800 5-6-6-18
Graphics Card: PNY 9600 GT 512mb
OS: Vista 32bit

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a b K Overclocking
October 22, 2009 4:38:05 AM

I'd go with a better rated cooler.
What I've done at home is I have a Coolermaster Hyper NS520 which has twin fans, I have rotated it so one of the fans blows directly over my NB.

The air goes through the NB cooler, hits the back of the PCI-E video card (also stops the back of the card getting too hot) then does a U turn and gets sucked up and out the rear exhaust fan. For me this has worked exceptionally well.

Most good air coolers also have directional vents to encourage air flow over surrounding chipsets and voltage regs. I like your thinking and appreciation of other heat issues, but I just haven't seen a flower cooler rank very well.

With CPU I don't really know, personally if I'm going to the trouble of changing heatsinks, I usually want to put in a new processor just so I can do something new.

With your hot G31, you're using a 9600GT, so have you disabled the on-board video? Might help with temps.