Two PSU's on one system

I did a google search but couldnt find anything much about this.

Would Using two power supplies in one PC be a good idea? I cant see any disadvantages really, apart from heat. And it would provide more power for overclocking etc.
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  1. It can save you money too.
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    Just make sure you have a switch setup to turn on the other one before you start you system.
    Connect the switch to the green and black wire pins of the 24 pin connector.
  2. Yes You can. Don't worry to much about heat. Biggest disadvantage I can see is space needed. Servers normally use 2 psu'so that if one fails server still continues to operate. Antec P190 case have 2 psuš from the factory. Or You can buy sparate psu specially for vid card, many of theese fit in cd bay.If You put two together Yourself it is good idea to separate them so that one feeds some componets and other different ones. For them to start up together You need to connect green wires together and any of black wires. Leave the rest separate. Anyway it is best just to get a more powerfull psu unless You already have 2 and don't have money for a new.
  3. Why would you need 1k watts of power?
    A Q9550 OC'ed + 3 HDD + 4 GB Ram + 4870x2 crossfired consumes 650. Off the wall is around 800 watts.

    My old PSU is a 550w running a 4870 + Q9450 + 2 HDD.. runs fine
  4. I know its not a perfect solution, but I spent a lot on upgrading my hardware this month and cant really justify buying a better PSU till next month. I was looking for a temp solution in case my PSU is not up to the job.

    Thanks for your advice, it looks like I will be able to play Far Cry 2 this month afterall :)
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