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Hey, I was wondering how BD-DVD looks when the pc is hooked up to a 1080p screen. Looking to get the Panasonic 42sPG10 plasma. I just built a gaming pc and my vid card is a radeon 5850. Does vid card make a difference on video output?

Im a noob and dont know if i should spend $ adding a BD drive to my gaming rig or just buying a PS3. I googled it, but I respect the opinions on this board and would like to know some personal experiences. Thanks
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  1. Obviously a PS3 is a lot more fun :)
    The video card is very important for playing BDs but your Radeon should have no problems with that.
  2. I run a 4850 and it looks great at 1080P. You have to make certain that your monitor supports HDPC via the DVI connection or if you have a HDMI connection you will get 1080. If your monitor does non suppor HDPC you will only get VGA and it will not look too good.
  3. The video card has 2 HDMI outputs, so I should be fine. Any recommendations on a BD drive? Or just basically as cheap as can be?
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