Will a 9800 gtx fit on my motherboard?

Will this card fit on this motherboard?



I don't want to buy this and have it not fit.

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  1. What do you mean by fit?

    If you mean PCI-E, the motherboard supports it so the videocard will "fit".

    If you mean physical obstruction, unless you have a PCI-E x1 card right below the PCI-E x16 slot, the video card will "fit".

    Most importantly, you want to make sure the video card will fit in your case. Make sure you have adequate space, since this card is huge. It's about as long as the motherboard it sits on.
  2. I meant physical obstruction, sry. Thanks for your quick response. I'm not sure about the case, it's going to be some generic mid-tower my dad's giving me.
  3. As long as there's some space between the harddrive cage/3.5in drives and the motherboard, the videocard should fit. It's worth measuring if you're not sure.
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