Raid 0 help with new build!

I just did my first build and everything so far has gone great. Ive since decided to setup and Raid 0 but ive been unsuccessful so far.

I have 5 HDDs connected right now.

1 SSD has the OS already on it (windows 7)

the other 4 HDDs are all the same (1TB WD caviar blacks)

i would like to setup 3 of the 1TBs in Raid 0. (leaving the SSD with the OS alone along with one other 1TB WD by itself as well)

Motherboard is a Gigabyte EX58-UD5

the mobo has 6 regular satas and 4 "Gsata" all my HDDs are in the "regular" sata ports. all my HDDs are in the regular ports...also all HDDs have been partitioned/formatted already.

after reading this article i was under the impression i could just use the "ICH10R" for the Raid 0 instead of the gigabyte controller. so after reading the manual thats what i attempted to do.

i turned on the "RAID" in the bios, saved and exited...proceeded to hit <Crtl + I> to enter the configuration set utility for the ICH10R. i setup the new volume with the 3 HDDs. saved and exited.

on the reboot it brings up the screen asking if i want to boot in recovery mode or standard windows 7. if i select regular windows 7 it just reboots about 2 seconds after the windows logo pops up...(this happens everytime.)

i didnt know what was wrong so just retraced my steps, deleting the raid. and it booted back up fine. im baffled as to why it wouldnt boot right if the OS is already on the SSD which wasnt in the RAID...?

do i still need to make the SATA RAID/AHCI Driver Diskette? even if i have the OS already on a different HDD?

any help or info is appreciated.

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  1. welllll I finally got it.

    man i cant believe i did that.

    Basically the RAID drives and SSD(with OS) were connected to the same controller. When i first installed win7 i didnt have RAID enabled so it was using the standard IDE drivers. Once i changed to the RAID drivers it needed the RAID drivers to boot win7.

    Soo. I popped my mobo disc into my other PC, copied the RAID drivers onto a usb drive, popped my win7 dvd back into the system, loaded the drivers and reinstalled win7.

    tada! works...over 2.5TB of space just waiting to be used. (just keeping my fingers crossed the array doesnt die)
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