Problem with Harddrive Detection

I've run into a bit of a problem while assembling my new home build. I've put everything together and the computer boots up fine, but apparently it's not seeing a harddrive. I've checked all of the connections (switched them out and everything to ensure it wasn't a faulty cord).

I have a WD 6400 AAKS, it may be DOA, but I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

Rest of the specs:

Biostar TP43D2-A7
muskin 4gb
Xigmateck S1283/bracket
ATI 4850
Samung 22X

Is there any quick way to make sure the hard drive is DOA?

I'm having a hard time adding a picture, but I've only plugged in the Sata/power connectors. There's an 8 pin connection that I have not put anything in. Could that be the problem?
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  1. Do I need to flash the BIOS?

    Apparently I have AMIBIOS Version: 08.00.15 (Build Date: 06/24/08), but it is reading the correct time under System Time
  2. Alright, how do you see it as not detected? Windows does not see it? Bios does not see it? Do you hear it spin up? Is that the only drive in the system?

    If its Windows, then go into the bios and look for a sata mode setting that can be set to IDE or IDE COMPATIBLE mode.

    The extra pins i assume you mean the ones on the drive. they are for things like limiting the speed and other compatibility on older sata cards so it works, you should not have to change those.
  3. I too have this problem and am yet to find anyone who can solve it. Hard disk in question is a HD250HJ by samsung on SATA port 2, spins up is detected by BIOS and BIOS scan checks ok but having been formatted on XP filled and used it has vanashed from XP all together. Leads swapped doesn't help, drive works fine on a different PC and the SATA port is fine as I have switched my master drive into it and it is found no problem. I know this does not help you out but if you are suffering the same fate I think we are out of luck
  4. Your 8 pin connector is the alternative power source so no you won't need that. I have just had a nightmare with a similar problem. My bios detects the drive and can scan it but at a windows level it is nowhere to be found at all, even having been formatted and partitioned previously and having worked on the same pc before. turns out the 2nd SATA port on the motherboard has packed in which is a real bummer - hope thats not your problem
  5. 8 pin alternative power source? no, compatibility jumper block, yes. They used to have a 4 pin power, they have since removed it.

    Are you able to try the drive on another computer?
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