HDD hangs at random...

Hi, Im new here but my problem is driving me crazy for days, so I am in need of help. :o

I have the following pc:
Asus P6T
i7 920
6G Ram Corssair
Windows 7 7600 x64

Once upon a time my pc was fine, then just recently it started hang up regardeless what action I do in windows. The hangs are completely random as to when they happen and last for about 1-2 min, which after that time every action I did while the hang was on, takes place, like the pc was queuing the actions.I can move my mouse at the time of the hang and my HDD led stays SOLID on.No blinking.

I installed Moo0 SystemMonitor and saw that when the hang is happening the HDD is going from 0% to 100% back and forth for as long the hang is going on.
This happens even if I close any process in task manager like antivirus, firewall and many others.

Many times even POST takes very long, as if the PC is hanging before going into windows.

What I did so far:
-Disabled Indexing service.
-Set power management to never sleep for everything.
-CHDSK the drive but all is well.
-Scanned for malware, spyware,virus. Found a minor one but its cleared now. Still the same.
-Tried AHCI and IDE in bios, but still the same.
-Changed the cables

Some people said that by installing Intel Matrix Storage Management solved this issue for them. I did, but unless I did something wrong it didn't help at all.

It's driving me crazy and I dont want to believe that my HDD is dying since I can browse, open, copy files without problem when the random hangs doesn't happen.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Any errors logged in your eventlog? Launch eventvwr.msc, go to the System log and look for red "x" entries.
  2. Hi, the only warning I found is about sasdifsv.sys wich fails to load on boot-up.
    I searched and this file has to do with SuperAntispyware, so I guess it's irrelevant.
    No more errors or warning in there.
  3. I had a problem like this a while back - system would appear to freeze for a while, and then suddenly complete all the pending actions really fast. Usually, though, my freezes lasted less than 30 or 40 seconds. Mine turned out to have NOTHING to do with the hard drive. I traced it down to a conflict in software between two versions of some resource access tool used by Windows. The older and newer version of similar modules had been loaded by my ATI video card driver package and by a video editing software package, Roxio 8. Through their websites and forums I found the solution to run only one of the two versions and eliminate the software clash.

    Now, this may not be your case, but I encourage you to look beyond hard drive failure. When you say that your problem started "just recently", think back - did you install any new software or updates around that time? That may be a place to start looking for the problem's cause.

    However, just to be sure the HDD really is not the problem, I also encourage you to go to the WD website and download the Data Lifegard utility package. Use it to run thorough tests of you HDD unit. If it shows you absolutely no problems (or, if it finds and fixes a simple one) you'll feel more confident looking elsewhere.
  4. Thanks...Right now I am running Data Lifeguard on my pc and wait the results. (im on my laptop now)
    One thing I forgot to mention though, is that the computer has the same behavior even is Safemode which makes the problem even stranger. So I guess that a kind of conflict like you mentioned Paperdoc, is less probable to my occasion.

    What if I plug the HDD in Jmicron controler? (not that I know what it is for)
  5. So....After 3 hours or so...Data Lifeguard pass the test without ANY problems on the HDD.
    So I guess that makes the HDD not responsible eitherway? hmmmm..
    I also went to ASUS website and installed drivers from there except BIOS update..
    I'm about to kick my PC..that will surely fix it. :-/
  6. If you know when this started, you could try using the restore points to roll back before it started.
  7. Unfortunately I dont have any restore point of that date
  8. Ok...an update for those who have the same issues and they are many as I can tell.
    I saw by the windows monitor that my HDD highest active time at the hang ups, was 100%
    So I googled around a bit and found that some people had those exact same issues with Western Digital Green
    That happens to be the HDD I have too.
    Some suggested to use WDIDLE3 to reset the idle time. (though I have no idea what it is and how it's done.iLL find out)

    (I can't be so unlucky. First I had the seagate barracuda which had an issue with firmware and now WD green.FFS!)
  9. I know this is extremely old but I'm watching my HDD go from 0% to 100% back and forth, every second. It hangs on simple google searches or a change of a web page. All my games are also frame skipping so I'm completely lost as to what to do. Started about a month ago.
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