Wich is the best memmory that I can get for i7?

I am planning to overlock my i7 920.
Needing a decent memmory I ask you guys:
Wich is the best that I can get?
is that true that the sweet spot is 1600mhz with latency 7-7-7-20? and even if I get a 2000mhz 8-8-8-24 the higher latency dont pay the higher frequency ?
I REALLY need you guys help cuz my bro is in the US and he is coming back soon, and things here where I live are about 2,5 times the prices there, so HELP!
thanks in Advance, and just for you to know, im planning a 4.0ghz overclock
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  1. munshkin blackline's i would believe and munshkin redlines
  2. go with mushkin redline, it has the most bang for buck out of your choices
  3. not thiking about the price.Imagine that you could get ayone of those for free.You would still go with the redline?
  4. http://www.amazon.com/Corsair-CMG6 [...] 898&sr=8-4 , if price isnt a factor
  5. If you're looking for 1600 MHz with 7-7-7-24, the OCZ Platinums are a great tripple channel set and they're cheaper than any other set in this thread.
  6. Kind of sucks how the Mushkin Redline's reached their EoL.
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