Help! 9800 gx2 or gtx 260 on my resolution

Hi I am building a new computer and am beginning to have a serious problem deciding between these two cards (9800 gx2 or gtx 260). I will be playing on a 22" monitor at 1680x1050 res. I game often enough but not really extreme, I will play games like WoW, Age of Empires 3, Flight Simulator X, and probably some FPS for sure at some point. I do want to play my games on very high settings smoothly. Here are some of the components I will be using:
CPU: q6600 OCed (around 3.2ghz)
650w PSU

If there is something else that would be helpful to know just ask. I have seen this discussion on a few forums through google, but the results are very inconclusive. Also I have seen the comparison between framerates of these and other gpu's and it does not seem to convince many people which is why it does not really convince me (at first look it seems like the 9800 gx2 is far superior, is this true?). Any constructive opinions and suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. well the 9800gx2 would be in your best interest when it comes to performance, but im sure it's power requirements are alot higher than the gtx260... although i doubt you can go wrong with either, i personally wouldn't know what to pick. lol
  2. i have the 2 gtx260 in sli in my system all i can say is it beats the 9800gx2 a decent amount. i owned the 9800gx2 but it got very annoying with the loud fan and heat it generated. in my opinion i would save the extra money and a get a gtx260 for 230$ at newegg. it will perform 10-15% slower but its cheaper and has less heat issues.
  3. actually the 4870 slightly outperforms the 260 GTX (exchange blows in some games), and the GX2 is 24% faster than the 4870. When it comes to 2 260 GTX in sli the GX2 doesn't stand a chance. It would have to be paired with another GX2 to over take the 2 260 GTXs.

    But at the monitor resolution you have, the GX2 would be the better option.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I have been reading some more and have heard that because the gx2 has essentially 2 cards it may have trouble scaling. What does that mean? Also what is AA and is it relevent for my decision? And I'd like to note that noise is not really an issue, I will have a pretty cool (temp) case, and I am willing to buy either card (i.e. the difference in price is irrelevent). And to confirm, I do not need a SLI MB to run the gx2 correct?

  5. no you don't need a sli motherboard.

    Scaling means how many extra frames you get from the second card. Some games only use 1 card, but most games will be designed to use sli, most games in the future will be more and more designed for sli:) (2 cards). The Gx2 would be the cheaper solution, and it is generally 24% faster some times more. The 260 GTX does close the gap in some games though.

    If you are going with the 260 GTX instead of the GX2, your best bet would be the 1 gig version, atleast I heard there was 1.
  6. 9800gx2 outperforms gtx260 by no small amounts:

    It also cost more though.
    Newegg is having a one day sale for 9/11, $270, no rebates.
    $290, no rebates.
    $245, but only after large $125 mir.

    Gtx260 is cheaper:
    $250, or $230 after mail in rebate.

    AA is Antialiasing. It blurs out the image, thus making jagged edges look smoother. More useful at lower resolutions, less at higher ones.

    There is no 1gb version of gtx260 at the time, only 1gb gtx280. It costs $420 though. More money than 9800gx2 for less performance. Pointless. :p
  7. For the games you will be playing, have you considered the possibility that a less espensive 4850 will be sufficient?
  8. he has a non sli/CF mobo, so the longevity of the 4850 is greatly reduced on his board. so it would not be worth the money for him.
  9. for the price 9800gx2 goes now (very cheap) I would get that
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