Does Screen size make a difference of graphics power?

Im building my new computer next month my intentions is to hook into my new 65" tv for awesome gaming. will i need any more than normal graphix? i mean would i need to spend more on grafix in order to render good picture on such a large screen or will it matter?
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  1. what games, the sims or crysis?
    the resolution of a good tv is 1920x1080. if you run a graphically intense game, you will want the latest generation graphics to drive it, but not necessarily anything in the sli or crossfire arrangement. 48XX ati or 96XX+ nvidia
  2. I was thinking maybe crossfire 4870x2s if its needed but i dont want to buy if i wont need it
  3. Also would a q6600 be enough for that configuration? or do i need to bump up the speed to 1333

    I was planning on water cooling and overclocking the q6600
  4. You won't need to crossfire 2 - 4870x2, a single 9800GX2 ($250) HD4870 ($250) or GTX260 ($230) will give you good performance unless you're a rabid foamatthemouth gamer. In that case a single HD4870x2 would probably be fine.
  5. A great article about CPU scaling with a HD 4870x2 here
  6. Great article, would be nice if they showed the q6600 overclocked though
  7. The thing i was worried about is if the my fps would rapidly change due to the large screen.

    65 is alot different that 19
  8. I'd just use the Q9550 numbers at 3.0 for a rough estimate and much would depend on the quality and speed of your 65 inch display.
  9. its a dlp 1080p
  10. I believe the size of the screen isn't really an issue, just what resolution you are using. As was mentioned before you will likely be using 1920x1080 so just look for that when reading review/benchmarks of various cards. A 4850 would probably give you acceptable performance but you might want something a bit better if you have the money.
  11. ok, i will probably get just one 4870x2 if this the case. thanks for the help ;)
  12. Your 65" DLP TV has less pixels (1920x1080) than a 24" widescreen LCD 1920x1200).
    But you could expect about the same performance as the 1920x1200 benchmarks given the same game & settings and equivalent PC hardware.
  13. dirtmountain said:
    A great article about CPU scaling with a HD 4870x2 here

    What I'd like to see are CPU scaling articles with mainstream GPU's like the 4670, 4850 and 4870. We know that the higher numbered cards give the best overall performance, but that can change depending on resolution. Anandtech's article on the 4670 shows they were impressed, with the caveat that beyond 1280x1024 without AA the 4670 sometimes is beaten by a 3850 and always by a 3870; let alone the better cards in the 4xxx series.

    The 4870x2 could run into CPU limitations with a Q6600 at less than 1920 resolutions, and it seems to be a bit limited until 30" LCD resolutions are reached. IMHO, each GPU by ATI and Nvidia should include recommended CPU's from AMD and Intel with preferred resolutions, but I'm sure both companies don't mind selling high end cards to anyone who has the money, regardless of what CPU and resolution he games at.

    Can't wait till I'm no longer CPU limited (next upgrade soon!). My recommendation for anyone building is to focus on matching your GPU to the right CPU and resolution. It's not as good buying a better GPU than you need with the hopes that you'll upgrade the rest later. If I'd not been wowed by 3870x2 performance, I'd have saved money with a 3850 and then achieved 3870x2 performance later on with a sub $200 part when I finally had the CPU and monitor to match.

    I'm gaming with the PC in my sig plus a 17" Viewsonic CRT at 1280 x 1024 (which limits the 3870x2 big time).
  14. the q6600 is a very good cpu u can easily overclock past 3.0ghz.
    As for the graphic card i would recommend the gtx280, 4870 or 4870x2. i wouldnt recommend the 9800gx2 in my opinion at very high res the card start to struggle against the new cards.
  15. I wouldnt recommend any nVidia cards at all. I know this will get some feedback, but I ask for you to consider this. Who currently does the best AA at highest levels by far? ATI. Get the 4870x2, it costs, but itll handle the super high AA levels that will help in your gaming experience.
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