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  1. meh
  2. meh........meh.......meh........? I didn't know you were a goat. Say hello to EWE mom and da "kids" ..............
  3. Im not going to go to a site that has shown a fair amount of bias concerning ATI. Theres others out there, so meh
  4. That's not true. You should take a look at the reviews. There are quite a few inre to nvidia cards........ no bias there.

    And by the way....... Tom's is one of the worst fanboy sites on the web........... unfortunately the fanboys don't see it.
  5. That only follows as to their mind numbing, as pertaining to their concepts in benchmarking. Read everything in their articles, havnt read one where ATI hasnt taken a hit in some way or another, even in superior situations. Ive lost my respect for them, and itll take more than something like this to get me to look their way now that ATI is on top.
  6. I tried this on my VisionTek 4870 with CCC 8.8 and set my fan to 40%. I later deleted the profile because it was too loud for me. I rebooted and the fan spun back up to 40% and stayed there.. but the profile was gone. Rebooted several more times with the same result. I fixed it by creating a new profile where I changed the fan throttle back to "automatic" in the XML file and loaded the profile. Then I deleted this new profile and rebooted and now it's back to its normal throttling.

    Seems the default XML file remembered the settings even after the profile was deleted.
  7. Sounds like they borked that one too heheh. No love lost for [H]. No one, like SS said, can critique nor replicate their benches. Totally pointless
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