Noctua NH-U12P to corsair H50 worth the upgrade?

hey guys im contemplating upgrading my cooler on my i7 920 rig overclocked to 3.4ghz atm

currently idling around 38 c and about 58 c when under load in games.

im looking to upgrade my cpu to 3.8/4ghz in the coming months to accomodate a new 5870 or a new nvidia card if they ever make it that is.

but im wandering is whether its worth the extra buck upgrading? it will cost me £60 but should be able to sell my noctua for £25-30 to my mate. so overall the upgrade shouldnt cost too much.

will i see noticeable gains or should i just leave it?
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  1. no gains tbh speak to conumdrum he can point you in the best way for proper water cooling
  2. The H50 is no better than a high end air heatsink on the i7 920. To get much better temps and go water your looking at about $250 to make it worthwhile. My i7 965 at stock loads at about 55 under prime 95 small FFTs. Thats way more load than you use in games. Try that and see what your temps are. I also have high ambients in my last test, about 80-83F in my room.

    Have you read the WC solved at the top of this forum? Good place to start to see what others usefor cooling an i7 920 with watercooling.

    Mainly, look at the sizes of radiators we use, then look at the size of the H50 rad. You'll quickly see what I mean. You can't fool physics and the laws of thermodynamics.
  3. +1. No point in getting the H50. If you really want to see a difference do some real WCing ,~$250+ for a CPU loop.
  4. cheers for feedback guys much appreciated, just saved me forking out some extra money.

    i did read WC solves, but im not looking at going down a more complex route and would prefer to spend that extra money SSD or use it towards a better graphics card. but again thanks for clearing things up for me guys

    ps i have done the prime test on small ffts and goes up to 68 after 2 hrs of testing
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