Which video card Performs better Geforce 9600 GT, 9800GT, 8800 GT?

:bounce: I want to know which of these video cards has better performance, can you please put the 1st, 2nd and 3rd best. and Why.
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  1. From what I hear the 9800gt and 8800gt are nearly identical, the 9800gt just supports 3-way sli. This puts both of them above the 9600gt.
  2. 9800 GT is a rebranding of 8800 GT. both G92 chips. To my knowledge there is no difference between them.


    9600 GT is nowhere near as good.

    This link compares an 8800 to the 9600.


    Hope this makes it a little more clear for ya.
  3. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/charts/gaming-graphics-charts-q3-2008/3DMark06-v1-1-0-HDR-SM3-0-Score,793.html

    it will give you a good indication you will want to cheque the games you play as well
  4. 9800GT is actually a die shrink known as G92b, so it should run a bit cooler. Beyond that and 3 way SLI, identical.
  5. Not all the 9800gt's are tri-sli. go over to newegg and look at the pics.
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