Samsung bad sector - Spinrite vs Estool vs Chkdsk

I am trying to image a Samsung Spinpoint hard drive whose SMART data say it is in good shape. The image keeps failing with an i/o error and when I run Estool (the samsung utility) to check the disk it finds a bad sector. Chkdsk /r runs and completes with no error messages. Spinrite finds no errors on the disk yet the image still won't complete and retesting with Estool still shows the bad sector. Hdat2 also comes up with the same bad sector (I only dared to run the scan on this intimidating program).

I am puzzled as I am not sure what to believe - is the sector now marked bad and no longer used and the image failing for other reasons or is it not been marked bad and is still an open issue? How do I check if it has truely been dealt with? Is there a way to check the bad sectors list?

Thanks for any help
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  1. try these two links..

    if they don't work i have a boot disk which is quite good at dos level repairing.
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