Asus P5E deluxe reading CPU temp at 100 C

Hello all, this is my build

Asus P5E deluxe
4870 GPU
Intel Core 2 Duo E8500
1000 watt psu
4gb ram

When I first put this computer together the BIOS read my CPU temperature at 100 degrees Celsius while the MB temperature is 34 Celsius. I, of course, removed the CPU fan and made sure there was contact between the thermal grease and the CPU fan. When I touched the CPU it was pretty cold and not 100 degrees Celsius. I figured it was okay to boot the PC and I used PC Wizard to check the core temperatures and they were 28-30 Celsius Idle. The computer has been working fine for a few days except for every time I turn on the computer. It doesn't POST beep but it beeps about five time very quickly. I then have to press F1 to allow the computer to turn on.

I already tried a different MB (same model got a RMA from Newegg) and a different CPU fan that I had. I also updated the BIOS from ASUS' website. I have also never overclocked this machine.

So my questions are: Will this somehow shorten the life of my computer? Is there a way to make the BISO read the temperature correctly?

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  1. Are you sure your BIOS is not reading your CPU temp in Fahrenheit?

    40 degrees celsius is 104 Fahrenheit.

    Should be a way in BIOS to switch from celcius to Fahrenheit

    Im afraid 5 beeps on amibios means CPU error, which is kinda confirmed by the fact(if I understand it right) that you tried the same CPU on 2 different Mobos, with the same effect?
  3. Have you tried to clear the CMOS and update the BIOS?
  4. hey i have a stock p5n32e-sli mobo running am2 4800+ dual core on win7 inside perspex case w/ 6 fans room temp 20c.
    its reading ridiculous temperatures atm (85-100c)and crashing under any moderate load other than desktop use. Had temp issues with the cpu for a while just thought bad airflow but regreased cpu seemed to work for a while but now its out of control.
    Reads 30c in (latest) bios from cold start, so not a calibration issue, then it climbs to around 80c within minutes. heatsink cool to touch even after crash. thinking of an aftermarket cooler but seriously, everything is totally stock never overclocked why should I fork out extra money when the factory heatsink/fan should do the job.
    whats going on, could there be a crack in the grease again or was this cpu just a dud
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