Internet Explorer 9 Beta,...Try or avoid?

Anybody here have experience with IE 9 Beta?

I'm still using IE 7 mostly because of the way I like the Favorites or Bookmark management. I tried IE8 but didn't like it.

How is the favorites or bookmark section of IE9?

Other pluses or minuses with IE 9?

Thoughts and experience with IE9?

I also have Opera, Google Chrome and Firefox available but am not sure I like them, although Chrome seems faster than IE 7 which seems to be a resource hog. For some reason I don't like Firefox so much either. Weird huh? It's the little things that make us picky. Maybe its just use or familiarity.

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  1. Thanks Khubani, I'll check em out.
  2. If you're on XP, IE 9 won't work for you anyway... so the question is moot.
  3. Thanks Zoron, Master Of The Universe,...I didn't know that. I'll be moving to W7P64 soon when I do a new build.
  4. Then IE9 would be worth a try. I'm running the 64-bit version with the 64-bit alpha of Flash and it actually works well. There are some glitches with some websites... but that's to be expected with a beta. MS is working (apparently) to make this their most standards-compliant browser yet... so let's hope they stick to it.
  5. Thanks Dadiggle.

    Have you also tried Chrome or Opera? What do you think of them?
  6. Thanks again for the good information and education dadiggle. Very informative. Yes IE 7 which I'm still using can be a resource hog and SLOW. Maybe I should give Firefox another try.

    I've been thinking of getting password software.

    Cheers, and thanks again.
  7. Thanks again. Will get back to you later on down the line after new build sometime in the future.
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  9. For all the criticism of IE for being "unsafe"... I've never had an issue. The most integral part of computer safety is between the keyboard and the chair; if the user is unsafe, then the browser won't matter. I'm not denying that security may be a problem with IE, I'm just saying that I've never had a problem with my computer that I could trace to using it.

    To each their own, however. I just think it's a false sense of security. People bring in computers all the time that have fake AVs despite the fact they have a decent anti-virus already installed / running. They make the mistake of assuming they're completely protected when in reality they aren't. Using Firefox may make you "safer"... but it's definately not infallible.
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