Wow, Happy with E8400 Upgrade

Until yesterday I've been running at stock an Athlon X2 5600+ 2.8Ghz on A Gigabyte m55sli-s4 motherboard with 2x8800gt in sli. Now I'm running at the moment on stock settings the E8400 on an Asrock Penryn
1600sli-110db with the same cards and I must say I'm impressed with the difference. So far I've just run one benchmark on 3dmark06 and have seen a very nice jump in my score. My previous score at stock was only
10,038 and now I'm hitting 13,863. Also the whole system seems to be much snappier. Can't wait to get my aftermarket heatsink and start overclocking this cpu.
Also I was very impressed with I ordered the cpu and motherboard at 6A.M. this past Thursday and received both by 2P.M. Friday, and that was with the standard 3-day shipping option from the New Jersey warehouse to Massachusetts. Glad I didn't spring for the overnight option.
Just seeing what other people opinions on this chip is and what I might expect for a decent overclock on this cpu. Please feel free to leave any comments regarding your experience with this cpu.
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  1. The E8400 can generally do around 3.6GHz with a 400MHz real FSB without a voltage increase, assuming a capable motherboard and good aftermarket air cooling. My E8400 can do 3.6GHz stable (prime95 for "eons") without a voltage increase, with a Hyper TX-2 aftermarket cooler.

    If you are willing to up the voltage you can get, depending on the chip, anywhere from 4 to 4.5GHz on air cooling. Of course, you should be careful when increasing voltage, and should not exceed accepted "safe" limits. Intel publishes voltage limits that overclockers frequently exceed with success, however.

    A recent forum thread on OC'ing the 8000's -

    An example of Intel's published information for my specific E8400 -

    Here's an article I like specifically about OC'ing the E8400 -

    Here's a sticky from the Overclocking forum on the C2D/C2Q -

    And here's a sticky on C2D/C2Q temps -

    And lastly an article Tom's did on overclocking the Wolfdale E8000's -,1777.html
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