will this psu supply enough power?

Link > http://www.awd-it.com/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=4380&product=AWD-IT+GPC31+E8200+Overclocked+%40+E8500%2B+3.4Ghz+-+ATI+HD4850+512Mb+-+Corsair+4GB+PC8500+1066Mhz

Antec Sonata III Quiet Super Mini Tower - 500W PSU

psu link > http://www.antec.com/uk/productDetails.php?ProdID=04651

e8400 @ 3.6ghz,
Corsair 4GB PC8500 1066Mhz Dominator Memory,
Ati hd 4850,
Asus P5Q Pro Intel P45 Crossfire Motherboard ,
500Gb SATA Hard Drive ,

will this psu supply the required amount of power to the graphics card and processor?

As far as i know it supplys 17 amps on what it seems like 2 12v rails which is 34 amps,

Is this enough :heink: ( i am asking because i did my research and no matter what the watts are some psu have higher amps on rails)?

no i am not building my own :lol: .

i did not know where to put this as i went into systems and it would not be of those makes this is awd-its make

Thanks in advance.
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  1. First off, do not try to add rails to come up with total amps, it does not work that way. The 17A figure is about maximum load. Either one of the rails will deliver 17A, but not necessarily both.

    To get the total amps on both rails, you have to do a little math.

    The label on the PSU says the two rails deliver 408W max. Divide 408 by the 12V, to get actual max amps:

    In this case it's 34... very rare.

    However, that is max, and you do not want to run your PSU at max for long.

    Will it power the system? Yes.

    I would not recommend it though.

    Here are a few PSUs I would recommend:

    Note: I have not found a quality review of the OCZ yet. Load tests are good, but I don't see any tests of ripple. It's getting a lot of positive recommendations based on price and a few good reviews that are 80% thorough. Still, the price is so good it can't be ignored.
  2. Also:

    You could build that system yourself for less. There is nothing special about the overclock... indeed, you could build a far better system for the same amount.
  3. Thanks for the psu links,
  4. The Antec 500 is SLI ready ( 2 pice power connectors ) your card only requires 1 pcie connector.
    Since the label states 17 amps on the +12v rails we know that it is a Seasonic build ( Antec switched oems and now uses Delta with a 22 amp label on the +12v rails ) Reviews have shown that there is no OCP on the rails, meaning that either can provide almost the full amount of power alloted to both.
    Shorter answer, the Antec 500 is more than sufficent for your machine, no need to spend more money on an upgrade.
  5. I am concerned as i know very little in terms of psu amp ratings and don't want a system that can not run to its full potential...

    as far as i know that psu supplys 17amps, a 4850 as i have read needs about 30 amps or something...

    i read lack of amps despite the wattage will hinder the card..

    anyways this has started my quest to understanding psu's..
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