LGA 775 Heat Spreader Question

Is there any way that anything can get under the heat spreader? Processor is a Celeron D 3.2GHz LGA 775.
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  1. If it was there when the spreader and CPU were first put together, it'll probably stay there, maybe crushed. If the spreader and CPU weren't correctly assembled, with, say, one corner not having adequate pressure, maybe. If you have taken the spreader and CPU apart, maybe.

    Even if you have used too much thermal compound, the excess should have just squeezed out at assembly time.

    Otherwise, I would say no, as the pressure will be too much for most things to get in. The only exception I can think of is you've soaked one side of the heat spreader in, e.g., some kind of acid that dissolves the heat spreader material - that would leave a gap that could allow something in, although you'd probably be worrying about bigger problems (like where did the acid come from? what other damage did it do?).
  2. I've just cleaned up the Celeron with Articlean. I usually have the top of the heat spreader swimming in the stuff prior to soaking the majority of it up and then wiping away the TIM.

    I've done this a million times before and never had any issues but today whilst wiping away a little TIM that got on the lip the coffee filter (yes coffee filter!!!) came into contact with the Articlean and managed to get onto the board.

    Some of it was around the little notch so I'm a little worried that some of it may have got under the heat spreader.
  3. Clean it up you will be ok.
  4. I've cleaned it all up. Having a nightmare today. One of the stock HSF locators is goosed as well so just chucking on a Sonic Tower as we speak. My ASF 5's a little runny as well but should get away with it.
  5. Survived!
  6. Damn! :fou: That's what I get for speaking too soon.

    After performing a reboot while installing XP SP3. HDD light solid on and doesn't even POST.

    Don't really have the time to look at it right now but I'll have another stab at it tomorrow.

    Tried all the usual stuff e.g. disconnecting HDD/CD, checking to make sure DIMMS are fully home, power connectors from PSU to mobo.

    First thing I'll try tomorrow removing HS and check to make sure the AS5 hasn't come into contact with anything other that HS/CPU.

    Any suggegstions welcome but in my experience no POST = can't see RAM or can't see CPU.
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