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Please can anyone help me

I have a problem with my computer so i shall start at the begining
I use Windows Vista

i downloaded a program, and when in installed it i recieved loads of virus, my virus scanner got rid of them, and then started getting lots of pop up, more virus, spyware and everything, so i decided to format my computer. but before i formatted the computer, i deceided to install the last bios update though dos.

The Bios update went good, logged into windows, still the same problem with the virus and spyware, so i decieded to install windows again.

Halfway though installing vista(fresh Copy) i got the BSOD

All BSOD people say run memtest, which i did and all came out ok, no problems, then i started running Windows Vista setup again, this time i got the BSOD message saying IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.

So i turned the computer off over night and this morning when i tried to re-install vista i get the same message as the first time

so i started by taking the ram out and testing one at a time. not change
then i took the Harddrives out one at a time.
Still not change..

the only thing that i have noticed it, when i take a piece of hardware out and the Post screen says F1 to change or Enter to use default, when i press F1 and check to make sure the Bios is all set up right and i press Save and exit, my computer shuts down, waits 2 seconds and then turns on. not like a normal reset.

Please can anyone help
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  1. Jus in the process of using Active Kill to wipe my hard drive to make sure they is nothing left behind that is messing up the install..
    Other than that i am lost to know what is wrong.
  2. New problem
    After i run the Active Kill program, then i come in re-install windows again,m i get the error Ntfs.sys Adress 816A5C8B base at 81602000 Datestamp 47918a96

    Something bad i wrong
  3. Can no-one help?
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