Totally rewriting a bios

Is there a way to write a bios to flash my current bios that will allow me to change votages and other things?
It seems to me that if a bios can be flashed and upgraded then one should be able to be written that will allow these modifications.
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  1. Why don't you have access? Is it a Dell, HP, Compaq or something?

    And putting in your own custom BIOS is not impossible, however the difficulty in modifying/understanding/creating a custom BIOS is not something you can just do, its machine code binary and without great experience with BIOS software writing, its probably a definate no-go.

    If your motherboard provider has released a BIOS update that does what you need, then they'll also provide the tool to Flash it on to your computer. e.g. Gigabyte uses QFLash or @BIOS.

    It would be much better just to buy a motherboard that's designed for your use if a BIOS update is not available.
  2. I understand what your saying, I want to do it just because if I can I want to. I took my celeron 2.4ghz 128/400 and removed the pin. It jumped me to 3.2 ghz 128/533 and it benchmarks great yet some programs seem to drag a little such as IE and FL Studio whereas my p4 2.8 512/800 with the pin broke off gave me 2.0 512/533 and the benchmark on it is much slower yet everthing runs much smoother. Im tthinking its because of the Hyper Thread in the p4. Any way both CPUs are locked and the hp BIOS wont allow me to change any votages. I would like to be able to change the voltages and bus speeds even though the multiplier is locked without using SetFSB software to up my bus speed.
  3. Oh yea I meant to mention that the reason I broke the pin on the P4 is because my mobo only supports 533 bus and the 800 bus was cutting my CPU in half to 1.4 ghz.
  4. I understand your desire, I'm like that too, but it'll take a software engineering degree and experience with writing BIOS software. It's far beyond anything you can learn on the internet I'm affraid :)

    Also if we're talking old P4's etc, the motherboard might not have the ability for software controlled voltages etc. I know for the P3 behind me, voltages are hardware pinned.

    Best of luck, buying a motherboard that has the overclocking features is the best solution. For P4's you could look on ebay for a 2nd hand board. I can't guarantee what options they have though, I don't remember my Asus P5P800 having very many.
  5. I do have a certificate in computer engineering tech and am currently enrolled at everest university for my masters in computer science. I have basic knowlege in programming I just have never studied how a bios is written. Im not that far along yet but Im getting there. If I can figure out the basics I should be ok. I guess Ill have to check out some books. But I was hoping for maybe a quick start from the net. Lets just hope I dont fry anything. LOL They say everything I touch either gets broke or pregnant. LOL
  6. That's the trouble, the BIOS chips on computers these days are SMD, and aren't removeable, so a single mistake can render a motherboard useless :)

    Remember tho, the BIOS isn't written in a human readable language, I'm talking hex codes and no source code to read. I guess you could find source code for some kind of BIOS, but it wouldn't match your hardware needs.

    Best of luck with the research, but I'd wait until you've done some microprocessor programming (if you do that in your course).
  7. I found a company that takes your bios and adds functions to it. The company is called BIOSMAN Inc.
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