Compaq drivers not installing via divice manager

Im trying to install some basic drivers on a compaq presario sr2010nx. when i run the installation wizard it refers me to install them through device manager. when i do that it can not find the drivers when i give it the direct folder.
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  1. When you must manually install drivers, you will browse to the folder holding the drivers, but more specifically, the folder holding the driver "inf" file. Hopefully, the drivers are expanded out of the zip,rar,or exe file they came in, first.
  2. they are out of the zip folder i downloaded them in. i browse to the the folder with the inf file in it. but it seems like its not recognizing that its there...
  3. Could it be the wrong driver? What driver are you attempting to install? I'll look for it for you.
  4. compaq presario sr2010nx "PCI Device" that's about all can find on it.
  5. Next, go HERE

    This will show how to locate your device ID. It shows for Vista, but XP is the same.
    There is a link to the PCI database there. Enter info and see if it finds that device

    I have prepared a couple screen-shots to show what to do.

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