Help with vdroop on Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R

After getting assistance from the community about my first OC. Computronix pointed out a major vdroop. Since my BIOS has no line calibration, do I just live with it, or compensate for it with cpu voltage?

E6850 @3.60 (400x9)
BIOS ADJ: DDR voltage +.3, FSB voltage +.1, CPU voltage 1.4125

Here is a screen shot of what's goin' on. I started/stopped/started a blend test of Prime 95, to show all fluctuation in Vcore. I have followed Computronix advice, and revisited his 'sticky" on Temperature. I just gave Speed Fan another shot, I haven't set the warning and fan parameters yet. I want to make sure Vista plays nice, first. I can't wait for my windows 7 upgrade to get here. Any suggestion you'll have would be wonderful while I do some reading. Thanx again to all for the help with the overclock.

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    I see you followed my recommendations. The GA-P35-xxxx Vdroop is quite a mess :pfff: when visualized graphically, thanks to SpeedFan's Charts. In this particular instance, I see 1.344 to 1.376, which is 32 millivolts; not good, but not despicable. If you're not comfortable performing the pencil mod, then it's OK to just live with it.

    As I mentioned in your previous thread, each downward spike is a potential BSOD crash point. Consequently, sloppy Vcore regulation requires higher settings to maintain stability, while tight Vcore regulation allows lower settings, and thus, lower temperatures.

    Also, since you're now running the memory at stock clock, you can probably dispense with the DDR +.3, and as the P35 northbridge chipset isn't at all stressed at 400 Mhz, you can also probably dispense with the FSB +.1.

    Comp :sol:
  2. Good catch, knotknut! :sol:
  3. Thanx guys! I actually caught the DS3 vs DS3R layout when I followed the first link. I backed off my DDR to +2, this ram is rated at 2.0-2.1v. Am I correct in manually forcing the voltage? My timing goes to 5-5-5-15 on "auto" and I manual set to 4-4-4-12. Running '95' blend test now. I set the FSB voltage to normal. My only concern is forcing 1.38 vcore at idle, and not really needing it until load. Is the extra "pressure" at 8W consumption really going to have adverse physical effects to the PCB over the next year? Hmmm? There's one way to find out. I am happy with the settings. I think I am done. Thanks for the advice on the unneeded increase in voltage.
  4. Glad we could help. Enjoy your rig! :sol:
  5. :bounce: WINDOWS 7 IS HERE !!! :bounce:
  6. Well, alrighty then! :D Whoopty doo! :bounce: Tell you what I'll do for you; being the really nice guy that I am, I'll just go ahead and have numerous beers for you ... in rapid succession! :pt1cable:
  7. I was so confident in the overclock that you guys helped me with that I did an "upgrade in place", without reseting to defaults. Not a single hitch. Now that is confidence! Thanks again to all, couldn't have done it without you. I know that I "should" do a fresh install, by most opinions, but I can do that at a later time, I just have too much stuff loaded on this machine. Computronix thanks again for the guiding hand.
  8. CompuTronix said:
    Well, alrighty then! :D Whoopty doo! :bounce: Tell you what I'll do for you; being the really nice guy that I am, I'll just go ahead and have numerous beers for you ... in rapid succession! :pt1cable:

    I'll drink to that
  9. I did the volt mod on my old P35-DS3L. It worked great. There wasn't any Vdroop on my overclocked E6750. However, you should have a little Vdroop. So if you're brave enough, get out the ohm meter, the pencil and go to work. I think I penciled down to around 1K Ohms.
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