Best GFX card for a laptop

Wondering what the best GFX card for a laptop is and if there is a huge gap in performance between mobile gfx cards and desktop cards.

Cheers all!

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  1. There's definitely a sizeable gap - the best current mobile card is the Nvidia 9800M GTX, which is in the same league as a desktop 8800 GT.
  2. High end graphics for laptop isn't worth. medium end cards like 7900m/8600m are more efficient. High end for laptop performs like medium end for desktop.
  3. high end kills your batter, thats why I went with 9700M GTS, its about as strong as a 9600 GT and uses half the power of the 9800 GTXM. You should look for a laptop that support hybrid. Just because the card does, doesn't mean the laptop does, since some don't come with onboard:)
  4. Buddy of mine at work has an Alienware with SLI'd 8800's in it, the battery last about an hour and a half gaming he says. That totally eliminates the purpose of a laptop.

    You would want to get something like an 9600M, not the best but its still dedicated and is 100 times better than intergrated.
  5. hsetir said:
    High end graphics for laptop isn't worth. medium end cards like 7900m/8600m are more efficient. High end for laptop performs like medium end for desktop.

    High end graphics for a laptop can be worth it depending on your needs. 7900M is not a medium end laptop graphics solution, it is a dated high end solution.
    To answer OP: 9800m GTX.
    Now the question is what do you need it for. Are you going to be gaming unplugged and therefore need battery life? If so the other posters are correct, look for something a little less powerful. But if you just need a mobile gaming solution (travel lots etc.) there is nothing wrong with a 9800mGTX (or 8800m GTX sli). The 8800m GTX sli (9800m GT sli, same chip different name go go nvidia) is the most powerful graphics solution for a laptop. 9800mGTX ~8800GT, good midrange power.

    Now time for a plug:
    The best midrange gaming laptop money can buy.
  6. ^That's not the best gaming laptop money can buy...First off, it's a gateway. Gateway has terrible customer support and any of the three major retailers (Dell, Hp, and gateway) are more expensive than going with a company that builds gaming computers. The only difference is in the warranty and price. Cheaper from,, or All offer limited 1 year warranty + lifetime technical support with rigs that are more powerful for cheaper. Also, straight from the manufacturer tends to be cheaper than from a third party retailer like walmart or best-buy. I've found hp to be the cheapest of the major three lately, but that changes based on different specials.

    As to the poster's question, yes the 9800mgtx is the most powerful, If you'll be getting a gaming laptop try to go for a bigger battery (some can stick out from the bottom of the laptop so do your research before buying) the more cells the battery has the longer it will last. Instead of a standard 6 cell battery you might go for a 8 or 9 cell. Also a good Idea to carry an extra battery, just in case.

    Anyways, just my 2 cents. Have fun with whichever laptop you get!
  7. The Gateway "P-7811FX" is a great machine

    4GB DDR3 memory
    1066MHz frontside bus
    3MB L2 cache and 2.26GHz pocessor speed
    200GB SATA hard drive (7200 rpm) with room for a 2nd hard drive
    NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTS with 512MB of GDDR3
    17" WUXGA TFT widescreen display with 1920 x 1200 resolution
    Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition 64-bit

    Best Buy Price: $1,449.99

    cnet review on yputube

    2 1/2 hours battery life

    Computer Shpoper
    "the P-7811FX is still the fastest gaming notebook we've seen in this price range, making it very easy for us to recommend it. We would have liked a Blu-ray drive, but at this price point we can't expect it to be HD-ready. If you can withstand a little noise now and then, you'll be very happy with the P-7811FX, even if you're not a gamer."
  8. OrderChaos said:
    ^That's not the best gaming laptop money can buy...First off, it's a gateway.

    First off he said MIDRANGE, also I'd take Gateway over those 3 cut-rate builders you picked, so to each their own on that.

    Second, there's nothing on IBuyPower, Cyberpower or BuyXg that is a 17" WUXGA model with a solid P8xxx CPU and a GF9800M GTS for under $1500.

    Even their 15" models with a smaller screen, GF9800MGT or even 8700/9600s can be more expensive. None have anything in the same class as that Gateway.

    And considering the ability to get hands-on with the laptop you're about to pay for in the store, pretty easy to check for dead pixels right in the store. I'd prefer buying from Best Buy to waiting 3-30 days for an e-tailer to ship to me, especially since I have a better short term return policy with BB (not sure about WalMart and laptops, but their other return policies are overly customer friendly IMO), whereas returning an online purchase is brutally laborious.

    As for technical support, don't make me laugh, I've taught technical support more than the other way around, and if one has ever dealt with technical support for an issue that wouldn't be solved in a quick post here, I wouldn't say getting a lifetime of that is a 'benefit'.
    Is your computer plugged in? Have you tried the restore software? [:datmanii:4]
  9. I'm looking tospend like £1k max, but can't decide on a laptop or desktop. I want to be able to play games such as CoD4, AoC, Crysis, DMC4 and basically anything else new. If I did get a laptop I'd be plugged in for gaming, but the issue is finding a laptop that can run these games at a decent fps. I wouldn't be gaming unplugged, but I would be typing/running softare/watching videos on the move so if the gfx card drained the battery when not playing games it would be an issue.

    Cheers for above replies - pretty helpful info so far : D
  10. A decent laptop can definitely play those games, but i personally cant justify the price of a laptop with that card in it, compared to a desktop which can be easily upgraded and alot cheaper. My laptop can PLAY those games, crysis on medium, but its not something i could use all the time. For the price of £530 im pleased with the HD2600 in it, but i couldnt afford more. IF it was me, go for a desktop with Sli or crossfire and buy 2x 260 / 4870
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